Backyard BOM

Backyard BOM
Block of the Month 2022
In this quilt, luscious colors of wool are used for the applique; a striking look against grey flannels. Borders and binding are included with the last block.
Just the right amount of decorative embroidery is added, and include the chain stitch, running stitch, featherstitch, fern stitch, lazy daisy stitch, and french knots.  
Cost: $26.00 plus $3.00 shipping each month.
Duration: 7 months.
finished size: 30 ½” x 30 ½”.
Wool thread set (8 spools) available for purchase - $32.00. This is to whipstitch the applique shapes to the background.
Eleganza size 5 pearl cotton set (8 spools) available - $43.50. This is used for the decorative embroidery.
Colors: EZM04 Carbon, EZM12 Inchworm, EZM78 Ginned cotton, EZM82 Haymaker's Punch, EZM85 Grape Myrtle, EZM88 Fit to be Tied, EZM97 Navy Jack, EZ33 lazy Lizard
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From $29.00