WQ21 Wildlife BOM

WQ21 Wildlife BOM

 42 1/2" x 42 1/2" wool applique on wool with decorative embroidery

2021 Block of the Month 

$39.00 per month, for 9 months.

Sign up by purchasing the first block, the Pileated Woodpecker. You will be contacted by phone for credit card information for the 8 remaining months/blocks.

First block will be mailed out the first week of December.

Pearl cotton set for decorative embroidery: 11 spools of Eleganza $60.50

Size 5: EZM09 Up a Tree

Size 8: EZM02 Pure Puppy Love; EZM03 Sand Dollar; EZM04 Carbon; EZM09 Up A Tree; EZM12 Inchworm; EZM78 Ginned Cotton; EZM82 Haymaker's Punch; EZM88 Fit to Be Tied; EZM90 Pumpkin Rinds; EZM102 Current


Wool thread set for whipstitching the applique shapes: 12 spools and 4 colors wrapped on a card: $45.50

EN04, EN06, EN12, EN16, EN21, EN26, EN28, EN30, EN33, EN46, EN50, EN52  

Small amount wrapped on a card: EN01, EN17, EN29, EN42

$ select variety
From $39.00