WQ18 Efflorescence

WQ18 Efflorescence


Finished size is 32" x 38".

Wool applique on wool with flannel borders, embelished with embroidery. 

Below is a list of Eleganza pearl cotton in a set for embroidery work. Colors may also be purchased individually. 

size 8:

EZM92 Hoppy Toad

size 5:

EZ33 Lazy Lizard

EZ42 Wagon Wheel

EZ46 Butternut Kepi

EZ53 Ostrich Plume

EZ54 Garden Sage

EZ56 Sunburst Flask

EZ57 Mounted Trousers

EZM03 Sand Dollar

EZM21 Birds Eye View

EZM78 Ginned Cotton

EZM81 Victory Bell

EZM88 Fit to Be tied

EZM96 Squirrel Tail 

A wool thread set is also available for whipstitching the wool applique.



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